Harvestime Goldens — Puppies: Jax, Remy, Daisy.

Located in northeast Wisconsin, Harvestime Golden Retrievers has 25+ years of breeding experience. All of their puppies are well socialized and are known for their easy-going temperaments. Harvestime puppies are born in the house and cared for by owners Deb and Rick Zierler. All of the dogs at Harvestime are healthy and very happy. As responsible breeders, ALL TITLED adult dogs have hip, eye, heart and elbow clearances.




Peertree Acres Labradots — Puppies: Wyatt, Scout, Cosmo.

Located in beautiful rural Jefferson City, Missouri, Peertree Acres Labradors is a small family owned kennel, concentrating on breeding superior Labrador Retrievers as family pets and service dogs. Peertree Acres breeding females have hip, eye, heart, and elbow clearances, as well as genetic testing for EIC and CNM, and PRA.
Each litter is born and socialized for the first 8 weeks in the Peerson home, by Kathy Peerson, her husband, family and friends. The Peerson’s have even built an extensive indoor play ground for puppy socialization.




Golden Rose Kennels — Puppies: Riley & Sadie.

Located in Norlina, North Carolina, Golden Rose Kennels owners, Julie and Roger Cooke, have been breeding Goldens since 1996. All breeding dogs in Golden Rose Kennels have heart, eye, hip and elbow clearances. All of Golden Rose puppies are handled from birth to help them adapt to many sights and sounds. Many of the Golden Rose Kennel dogs are therapy dogs.




Brooks Labradors, LLC —  Puppy: Yankee.

Brent Brooks, of Brooks Labradors LLC, professionally breeds and trains Labrador retrievers in the Dallas, Texas area. Brooks Labradors puppies are sought as Service Dogs (Diabetes Alert , Mobility and Hearing Assistance Dogs), therapy dogs, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, skilled companions, and personal gundogs. These puppies are handled from birth by the Brooks family and their experienced staff, and are very well socialized by the time they are placed at 7 – 8 weeks of age. All of their breeding dogs have their hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances, as well as genetic tested for PRA, EIC and CNM.




Cameo Golden Retrievers (price relief) — Puppy: Dewey.

Cameo Golden Retrievers was established in 1988 in Corapeake, North Carolina. For over 20 years, Brenda Hux and Star Heavner have been breeding quality Goldens. Their pups have wonderful temperaments and are wonderful family companions.




Will and Liv Shull — Peertree acres puppies.

Jefferson City, MO.




Neverest Labradors — Puppy: Hershey.

Neverest Labradors is owned by Mike and Desirae Pausma. Located in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, Neverest Labs strives to breed dogs that maintain good health, breed conformation and have a great temperament. Neverest Labs is home to Labradors that have produced great family pets, personal hunting companions, working guide dogs, working diabetic alert dogs as well as therapy dogs, tracking dogs and hunt test titled dogs. Health clearances for hips, elbows, eyes, hearts and genetic testing for EIC, CNM and PRA are performed on all of their breeding dogs.








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