Puppy sitters may graduate to puppy raisers. Puppy raisers are the primary caretakers of the puppies.


Being a puppy raiser requires a tremendous amount of time and energy. Puppy raisers MUST be able to keep a service puppy at their home, take him or her to class and conduct the majority of socialization activities. These volunteers must have been in the organization for some time, must attend almost every official meeting and must meet with TerriAnn Tucker-Warhover, a veterinarian and our program coordinator, once a week so that we know our puppies are happy and healthy. All expenses are covered by the organization, but again, raising a service puppy is no small commitment.


A lot of people join our organization under the misconception that we’re going to hand them a puppy on day one – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Puppy raisers have to meet a number of requirements and be prepared for a lot of responsibility.


Here is a list of the puppy raiser requirements and responsibilities: Puppy raiser requirements and pre-rerequisites 11-12







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