Founder & Director

Dr. Tucker-Warhover oversees the day-to-day basic health, welfare, veterinary care and socialization of the puppies in the PWP program. She is also responsible for major fundraising, puppy acquisition, corporate sponsorships, grant writing, and for overseeing the various PWP committees, meetings, and events.


terri 2

TerriAnn Tucker-Warhover


Director & Veterinarian






Assistant Director

Megan is a graduate of the University of Missouri and was the first Puppy Raiser for PWP. After raising two puppies Megan began assisting more with the set-up and day-to-day operations of PWP. She is the liaison between the student volunteers and Dr. Warhover, helping to organize events and community service projects. Her other duties include helping to oversee the puppy raisers, as well as coordinate the puppy sitter program.



Megan Warhover

Puppy Sitter & Puppy Raiser Coordinator



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