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The second newborn to come to Puppies with Purpose is Hershey, a Chocolate Labrador from Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. He was born on December 30, 2013. Hershey is a little spitfire who is always up for an outdoor adventure. He loves walks, chasing sticks, and swimming in the pond at the local dog park. His favorite color is purple and he’ll do most anything for a treat!


After a few rounds of training through the prison program and much deliberation, it was decided that Hershey would be better suited to being a therapy dog. His puppy raiser, Brittany Wibbenmeyer, adopted him from CHAMP and is working with him to become a certified therapy dog. As a therapy dog, Hershey will be able to visit patients in hospitals, people in nursing homes, and children in schools to provide comfort and love.








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