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Yeah, Daisy. The way you feel about that door stop is the way we feel about homework.

(This video is from our Facebook Puppies with Purpose)






Dewey Meets the Alligator

One part of socializing our puppies is helping them overcome their fears. One often common fear is people in costumes, or human-looking figures (such as statues). Here, Dewey does a great job greeting volunteer Sara LaSuer in an alligator costume! Many thanks to Gotcha Costumes for giving us a discount!

(This video is from our Facebook Puppies with Purpose)





Dewey (he’s on the left) turns into a bit of a goofball when he’s playing with his best friend, Diva.

(This video is from our Facebook Puppies with Purpose)





Mizzou Baseball Partners with Puppies With Purpose

Mizzou’s baseball team met their new teammates for this season–the dogs and volunteers from Puppies with Purpose–and the team got to spend some quality time with the dogs. This is a production of the Mizzou Network.





Maples Rep Theatre & Puppies with Purpose

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back TODD DAVISON, Maples Rep Theatre, to talk about “Away in the Basement”, a Church Basement Ladies prequel, opening Friday! Also, TERRI WARHOVER and KRISTI MILLAM join us to talk about Puppies with Purpose and the fundraiser this Saturday. Check out the adorable puppy!



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