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Puppies with Purpose events and more

Puppies with Purposes has fundraisers, meetings and events all of the time, which we love because it gives us the chance to bond with one another and the community while spreading the word about service dogs.


Photos of Dewey

Dewey, Puppies with Purposes’ first service dog in training, came to the organization in August 2012. He’s a Golden Retriever with a great personality and adorable face who loves to play. Check out pictures of Dewey below.


Photos of Tigger

Puppies with Purposes’ second dog, Tigger, was put in our care by CHAMP because he needed a little extra love and socialization. Tigger is a sweet boy who loves playing with people and his toys.


Photos of Hershey

The next puppy to come to Puppies with Purpose was Hershey during the Spring semester of 2013. After a few rounds of training and much deliberation, it was determined that Hershey would be better suited to be a therapy dog. Brittany, his puppy raiser, adopted him from CHAMP and is continuing to work with him to become a CHAMP-certified therapy dog. He’s an awfully handsome boy!


Photos of Daisy

The first female to come to Puppies with Purpose is Daisy during Fall 2013. She’s super smart and super cute!


Photos of Riley

Riley also came to us during Fall 2013. He’s certainly an adorable little gentleman!

Photos of Yankee

Our first lab puppy, we picked up Yankee in November of 2013. He is growing up to be a very handsome boy!

Photos of Scout

Scout is one of two puppies that we picked up in February of 2014. Isn’t he just adorable?



Photos of Wyatt

Wyatt is Scout’s brother, who also came to us in February of 2014. With Hershey for a big brother, he’s sure to grow up to be a sweetheart.




The newest of our pups, we received Sadie September 2014. She’s super adorable and sweet!

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