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Committee Descriptions


Puppy Raiser/Puppy Sitter Committee: Both sitters and raisers must apply for the position and meet certain requirements, which can be found on our website, under Get Involved.


Education Committee: Visiting and educating schools/organizations on service dogs.


Fundraising Committee: Planning and executing fundraisers.


Outreach Committee: Representing and volunteering Puppies with Purpose in the community. Visiting the Arbors and ACT regularly.


One of our goals is to raise awareness of the wonderful things service dogs can do, the importance of helping the disabled and the incredible shortage of service dogs there is across the country. If you would like our coordinator or a volunteer to visit your organization to give a presentation on these important issues, please feel free to email us.


Public Relations Committee: handling communications and marketing.


Social Media Committee: Updating the website and social media.


Arts & Crafts Committee: All things cute ‘n crafty, from posters, flyers to donation cans.








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